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Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…

We have all heard this Einstein quote and know what it means,  unfortunately,  I see too many people re-roofing an 8-10 year old cracked, curled, and blown-off asphalt shingle roof with an asphalt shingle roof!  Understandable that budgets are tight these days and spending the extra 2-3 thousand dollars on a metal roof can be a strain on the average household,  however,  if your kicking out several thousand dollars every 8-10 years re-roofing your home,  your paying twice as much to own and maintain your roof per square foot, per year, than it costs to own and maintain a metal roof.

In the bad old days, roofing contractors promoted 20-year shingles that lasted ten years for their unsuspecting customers. The roofers’ labor price was the same, so why should they care how long those new roofs lasted? Turns out, lots of customers cared, and they wanted better roof choices.

When asphalt-based shingles first took over the market, they replaced classic roofing materials that lasted MUCH longer. Asphalt and asphalt-fiberglass shingles made roofing affordable for millions of newer homes. Homeowners who stayed in one place longer than a dozen years, however, were surprised to learn how quickly these roofs wore out. These days, 30-year warranties on asphalt shingles are common, even 50 year warranties are available, but these warranties are simply a small book of fine print and is worth about what the paper they are written on is worth.

Life cycle cost is an important thing to consider when making a large purchase such as a new roof.  Metal roofing has been proven to last and today’s galvalume treated steel has been tested out in the field for over 35 years to not corrode.  Hail resistance, wind resistance, extreme temperature resistance, are just a few examples of how metal roofing outperforms asphalt shingles. So don’t expect different results replacing your worn out asphalt shingle roof with a new asphalt shingle roof.  Get a free estimate from us today and we will show you how to save money in the long run by fitting your home with a permanent roof.



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