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Insurance Experts Conjure an Indoor Hailstorm, Destruction Ensues…

I love controlled, documented tests like this one that the  Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) conducted recently.  However,  I was disappointed to see that they did NOT test Stone-Coated Steel Roofing!  Perhaps they only wanted to test materials that would be damaged to collect the data.  Hopefully next time they will put Gerard’s steel roofing against asphalt shingles and vertical seam steel roofing.  Gerard’s Stone-Coated Steel roofing is warrantied to 2 1/2 inch hail!  As we covered in our late March article “Save on your home-owners insurance with stone-coated steel roofing“,  steel shingles and shakes hold up better than vertical seam steel roofing due to the bends in the sheet-metal.  Perhaps next time the IBHS will test a few other kinds of roofing materials so we can get the whole picture.

Tests like this are very interesting, and do tell insurance companies what they need to charge for protection with various materials in hail-prone areas. Other interesting tests include Air-vent Incorporated’s attic ventilation test and Underwriter Laboratories’ class 4, (UL 2218) hail impact test.   Hail resistance is important in our area and insurance companies recognize that.  As the map below shows,  we are a prime target for damaging hail storms like the Rice Lake Hail storm of 2010. Many insurance companies offer our customers a discount on their annual premiums when changing from an asphalt shingle roof to our stone-coated steel roofing.  Ask myself or Bruce about these discounts or contact your insurance agent for information on “Reduction in Residential Premiums”. Here’s a sample Form from State Farm.


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  1. The stone-coated-steel roofing systems use aluminum-zinc-alloy-coated steel, covered with 3M ceramic-coated stone granules, and are sealed with a polymer coating. Styles include tile, villa tile, shake, and shingle. Different colors and color blends are available to complement various home exteriors.

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