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Made to last…

Our Gerard stone-coated steel roofing is made to last and here’s the proof! 

Some of our competitors are spreading false claims that stone-coated steel roofing looses its crushed rock granules when there is no evidence of that at all.  Perhaps that was true in the 1950’s when the crushed rock was bonded to the steel with hot asphalt,  but today it is bonded to the steel with an acrylic adhesive,  baked in an oven, and a UV resistant over-glaze is applied after that.  Gerard has perfected the manufacturing process and offers a superior warranty against granular loss compared to our competitors.In addition to superior manufacturing,  here are some other reasons to consider a Gerard metal roof installed by Bjorkstrands:

1. Steel is lightweight – good for liability, structural and earthquake reasons.

2. It has been proven over 40 years and has virtually no problems.

3. It is fireproof – Class A, B or C rating.

4. It withstands 120mph winds.

5. Gerard’s warranty is the strongest on the market.

6. It can be walked on without cracking.

7. It withstands hail without denting or breaking.

8. It is proven in snow and ice conditions.

9. A large established company backs the warranty (Metals USA is the parent company with $2 billion in sales).

10. Color does not change from batch to batch or over time.

11. It is aesthetically very pleasing looking like shingle or shake.

Granite Ridge

Canyon Shake


2 thoughts on “Made to last…

  1. When I saw the photo of a roof that was 36 years old I knew I had to read more. This looks like one tough roof.

  2. This looks like a really tough roof. To look that good after all those years is my cup of tea. It looks like you install metal roofing all over Wisconsin, is that right? If so I think I will have to call to get an address close by and bring the Boss with to see if she likes it.

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