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Radiant Barrier Insulation

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A very inexpensive way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to have us install R-foil Radiant Barrier Insulation under our stone-coated metal roofing.  The labor to install this material during the roof installation is very affordable so most of the cost is just the purchase of the material itself.

How it Works

Heat travels from a warm area to a cool area by a combination of conduction, convection, and radiation. Heat flows by conduction from a hotter location within a material or assembly to a colder location, like the way a spoon placed in a hot cup of coffee conducts heat through its handle to your hand. Heat transfer by convection occurs when a liquid or gas — air, for example — is heated, becomes less dense, and rises. As the liquid or gas cools, it becomes denser and falls. Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from any surface and heats anything solid that absorbs its energy.

When the sun heats a roof, it’s primarily the sun’s radiant energy that makes the roof hot. Much of this heat travels by conduction through the roofing materials to the attic side of the roof. The hot roof material then radiates its gained heat energy onto the cooler attic surfaces, including the air ducts and the attic floor. A radiant barrier reduces the radiant heat transfer from the underside of the roof to the other surfaces in the attic.

For our customers with newer homes,  R-foil is generally not necessary because todays building codes require R-38 to R-50 attic insulation and adding reflective insulation will not improve the energy efficiency of the home enough to justify the additional cost.  However,  our customers with older homes,  homes having ice dam problems,  and homes with cathedral ceilings see a substantial improvement both for summertime heat gain and winter time heat loss.

Ask myself or Bruce about R-foil and we can include it as an option on your proposal!






Save on your homeowners insurance with Stone-Coated Steel Roofing!

Posted by Derrick Hansen in Saving Money

Most of us remember the Rice Lake hailstorm on July 20th 2010.  In addition to hundreds of automobiles being damaged, devastated crops, and even trees having their leaves stripped off,  roofs in the area took a real beating.  We had 3 of our roofs that were in the direct path of the storm between the Rice Lake High School and Cameron.  All 3 of our roofs went thru the storm with no damage.  In addition to asphalt shingle roofs needing replacement,  a good number of standing seam,  or vertical seam metal roofs also needed replacement.  Why did our stone-coated shingles and shakes hold up and other vertical seam roofs did not?  Well our stone-coated metal roofing is put in a press taking flat sheet metal and making a number of bends in the steel.  Its these bends that make the steel very strong and resistant to hail.   Vertical seam metal roofing,  even though some styles have small ribs between the standing seams,  is still basically flat sheet metal and can be easily dented in a hail storm like Rice Lake had.

Gerard metal roofing carries a UL Class 4 hail impact rating and many insurance companies offer a reduction in your annual homeowners insurance premium when you switch from an asphalt shingle roof to a qualified Class 4 hail impact rated roof.  So in addition to a life cycle cost that is half of asphalt shingles,  you can save a few bucks on your insurance costs as well!  We expect more and more insurance carriers to start offering these discounts as roofing damage ranks as the 2nd most frequent and costly claim that insurance companies endure.  Its in their best interest to encourage their customers to use products that help to reduce claims.


Petroleum and Storm Related Roofing Expenses Bring Shingle Prices Up

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Jim Stickland of Atlanta Action 2 news reported last week the headline, “Prices are going through the roof!” and he’s right. There has been a massive price increase that took place on March 1, 2013 for asphalt shingles. It is also reported that the prices will increase again on April 15, 2013. A bundle of shingles will now cost….a bundle! Shingle manufacturers are shipping more shingles to areas in the Hurricane Sandy areas which is leaving a smaller supply in the south and other regions.

The market leader Owens Corning has raised prices by double digits. This price increase has a big affect on everyone because it trickles down to the homeowners who have to pay more for their insurance premiums. So, even if you don’t need a new roof or roof repairs, you can still be affected.

In addition to asphalt shingle prices going up due to it being a petroleum based product, It has already been reported that Allstate went up 9.9% in April of last year and State Farm has reported a 7% increase in insurance premiums. Storm-related roofing expenses are a major reason for this change.

“The more this damage occurs, the more the insurance companies are laying out. They have to maintain their financial stability as well,” said Dave Colmans of the Georgia Insurance Information Service.

What does this mean for a homeowner in general? Stone-coated steel shingles should be considered for your next roofing or re-roofing project. The durability, the 50-year non-prorated warranty, 2 1/2″ Hail warranty, as well as possible insurance discounts mean Stone-coated steel roofing is superior. It is the most cost-effective way to protect your biggest investment.


Moose on the Loose!!!

Posted by Derrick Hansen in Company News

Join us for Moose Country’s “Moose on the Loose”, Thursday, March 28th at 9:36 AM at Kitchen and Floor Décor in downtown Rice Lake!

When Snow Melts

Posted by Bruce Bjorkstrand in Roof MaintenanceSaving Money

When Snow Melts, Check Your Roof!

Roofs take a beating during the winter months. Extreme weather conditions, including temperature changes, can cause roofing shingles and flashing to expand and contract, creating damage. Heavy snow loads and ice dams also take a toll on a roof.  Missing, cracked or damaged shingles may develop into leaks. Home repair experts recommend that homeowners have their roof inspected at least once a year to identify and address problems early, before serious damage is done.

The Metal Roofing Alliance says many homeowners are avoiding this annual spring repair ritual by installing durable and environmentally-friendly metal roofs.  In fact, the MRA says the number of homes with metal roofs has doubled during the past five years.

Think about it — it makes sense. Today’s metal roofing is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement any architectural style.  Metal roofs resist cracking, shrinking and mold while standing up to hail, high winds and heavy rains.

These time-tested roofs also save energy and can help to save the environment.  Installing a metal roof can save homeowners up to 40 percent in annual energy costs, depending on the geographical region.  And, the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows for a tax credit for homeowners who install qualified energy-efficient improvements to an existing home, including metal roofs that meet the Energy Star program requirements.  We have 5 colors that qualify for this tax credit.

Most metal roofing systems are made of recycled material. In fact, these investment-grade roofs contain up to 43 percent recycled material, from production to installation to reuse, far superior to traditional asphalt shingles. Often, metal roofs can be installed directly onto an existing asphalt roof, reducing landfill waste associated with tearing off the old roof.

“Homeowners are looking for high-quality, low- maintenance solutions to their roofing problems. Gerard Metal roofing is the answer; Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing is your installer.”  When Gerard metal roofing & Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing are combined you have your one / two punch.

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