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Roof Inspection Tips…

Finally,  the snow is gone and it looks like we’re skipping spring and going directly to summer.  Now is a good time to take a look at your roof to see if the wind, snow and ice did any damage to your roof.  A lot can happen to an asphalt shingle roof during the winter months and its a good idea to make sure that its in good condition prior to the possible strong thunderstorms of the summer months.  Here’s what to look for:

Missing Shingles: Off color areas, shingle pieces found in your yard, cracked but still attached shingles from the wind lifting it up.  See our recent post on Missing Shingles.

Fish eyes:  A portion of the exposed shingle that the nail used was under-driven, causing the shingle to not seal properly.  Wind can easily get under the shingle and blow it off.

Hail Damage:  Pitted areas, hail impact causing granular loss.

Ice Dam damage: Generally found along the eves and the bottom of the valleys.  Evidence of Ice Dam Damage can be water stains on the fascia and soffit and/or interior ceilings and attic spaces close to the eve of the roof.  Lifted up and/or cracked shingles along the eve of the roof.

General wear and tear:  Asphalt shingles have an increasingly short lifespan so looking for cupping, cracking, granular loss, curling, and shrinking on a regular basis is a good idea.

Sealant and adhesive failure:  Shrinkage of sealants used around the corners of skylights, chimneys, roof to wall / sidewall intersections, and other areas is common.  Generally speaking, silicon and other sealant types only last 5 years on the harsh roof environment.So take a few moments to have a look at your roof, if you suspect problems, contact us for a free estimate to install a new stone-coated steel roof.  We will come out and give you a honest evaluation of the condition of your roof.  If it needs replacement,  we can provide you with options for permanentnot temporary roofing.  Weather you live in Rice Lake, Hayward, Eau Claire, Spooner, Bloomer, New Richmond or Hudson, we can provide the best roof at a VERY affordable price.

By Derrick Hansen


2 thoughts on “Roof Inspection Tips…

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