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So you need to replace your roof…

Bruce Bjorkstrand July 4, 2013Roof Maintenance
Bruce Bjorkstrand

So you need to replace your roof…

 If you ever needed your roof replaced you know how hard it is to hire a roofing contractor.  How do you know if they are “worth their salt”? To find a reliable metal or steel roofing contractor you REALY need to do some homework and do some checking of their references. Metal roofing is a specialty that most roofers or companies do not want to take the time to learn how to install it right. So what do they do? They send out their asphalt crew to see if they can install it while looking at a book of instructions.

The best way that I have found is to ask your friends, neighbors or coworkers who they used to have their metal roof installed. You may try the contractors you have used in the past and you liked their work. They will not want to give you any names unless they know they are good because the last thing they want is their name tied to a bad contractor. In my 38 years in the roofing business and the last 15 years as owner of Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing I have seen it all, from shoddy craftsmanship to illegal workers. I will reiterate and caution consumers to do their homework when hiring someone for home services such as roofing, particularly metal roofing. Most homeowners would not be able to inspect the work firsthand when the work is complete and should not get up on the roof anyway. Use binoculars from the ground to inspect the best you can. If you must get a closer look set up a ladder and then bring your binoculars with you, DO NOT GET ON THE ROOF.

You do not want to do this again. So I would say get a metal roof with a 50-year, non pro-rated and transferable warranty. Isn’t that why you are on our website  So give us a call for a FREE quote on your project. Derrick or I will stop by your home with samples and more literature for you. We will give you a price on your metal roof and answer any questions you may have. Most homeowners have never had a roof replaced before so they are not sure of how to pick a roofer other than are they cheep.

What’s available in the marketplace, pricing, do you want a shingle or metal roof replacement, what quality is available and are the warranties worth anything. These are some of the questions we will answer for you when we meet you at your home. So fill out the form on this site for a FREE estimate and please look at the photos of completed metal roofs. The entire site is built for you and we try to answer all of your questions, have fun surfing.

4 thoughts on “So you need to replace your roof…

  1. We are a family owned and operated company that specializes in the installation of metal roofing systems. Our metal roofs have a 50 year transferrable, non-prorated warranty. It also is warranted to 2 1/2 inch hail and has a wind rating of 150 miles an hour, with a class “A” fire rating. Metal roofing is a green roof that is 50 to 60% recycled steel. We have 30 different colors and styles to choose from. Call today for your free estimate.

  2. “Homeowners are looking for high-quality, low- maintenance solutions to their roofing problems. Gerard Metal roofing is the answer; Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing is your installer.” When Gerard metal roofing & Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing are combined you have your one / two punch.

  3. Standing seam materials from the supply warehouse start at about $450.00 per square for materials alone. The installation price for Steel Standing Seam Metal Roofing starts at $1000.00 per square installed.

    How can you do metal roofs so CHEAP? My brother got a quote from you and it was cheaper than the one I gave him. You made me look bad.

    With the Gerard warranty you have and the look of your Canyon Shake I couldn’t beat your price so he is going with you.

  4. I own a 3 yr old manufactured home in land o lakes, wi. Does not have a very steep pitch. There is no way to cool the roof in winter due to the syle of the home.There is no ice shield which I think I need and I’m trying to eliminate or cut down on raking snow off the roof, which I am less and less capable of. Please give me your recommendation or any options that will help solve my problem. I can take pictures and email them if helpful. Thanks

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