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Beat The Rush!!! Order your new roof now!!!

Posted by Derrick Hansen in Company NewsSaving Money

We had a lot of orders going into this winter and due to the bitter cold and snowfall totals that look like Mount Baker in WA State, we have had a hard time getting them done.  Early Spring is the best time to get an estimate,  have a look at colors and styles and get a spot on the schedule.

More than likely this season is going to be very busy for roofing contractors.  Homeowners that never had ice dams before found that even newer, modern insulated and ventilated homes still had ice dams due to the wild weather we suffered thru in the historic winter of 2013-2014.  With all the roof snow removal and ice dam removal it is safe to say that those with asphalt shingle roofs are going to suffer a lot of damage.  When roofing contractors get further and further booked out, the laws of supply and demand kick in and you can expect the price to go up.  By getting your project and contractor selected and scheduled early in the spring, you can save money and get problems with your roof fixed before they turn into bigger problems with interior damage.

Call Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing now to schedule your free, no obligation estimate with Bruce or myself and we will come out and show you the difference a new stone-coated metal roof can make to both the performance and curb appeal of your home.


Today’s Metal Roofing: Truly Authentic Appearance

Posted by Derrick Hansen in Company News

Wouldn’t it be great if your roof looked just like a clay tile roof or a cedar shake roof without all the maintenance, repairs, fire hazard, weight, tile breakage, high life cycle cost and the probability you will have to replace that roof some day?  Well, take a look at these before and after photos of one of our more known re-roofing projects in the Barron, WI area:





Most folks from Barron, WI that I have talked to, never thought that this clay barrel tile roof was ever replaced!!!  When we arrived, the tile was broken,  there were several leaks in the roof, and a small flat roof at the very top of the roof was giving the owners a real headache.  Gerard’s “Barrel Vault” was a perfect choice to keep the Mediterranean style look to this unique home.

We eliminated the flat roof by framing and completing the hip roof to a peak, removed all the old clay tile and hot asphalt roof underlayment,  and solved the problems for this home-owner for a lifetime.  Normally we don’t see these Mediterranean style homes in our area of Northwest Wisconsin,  and normally we don’t install the tile options that Gerard carries,  however, Gerard’s Canyon Shake and Granite Ridge are a great fit for Wisconsin’s Northwood’s look!

We have lists of hundreds of homes for you to look at near you!  Contact us today for your free, no obligation in-home estimate.  We have full sized samples that we can put up on your roof for you to stand back and see what it will ACTUALLY look like.  Many of our competitors will attempt to scan the product over a picture of your home using various software,  rarely, if ever, does this make an accurate representation of color and the actual end result.  Like the inaccuracy of using a paint swatch,  it is best to see an actual sample.  After all,  this is the LAST roof you will ever need!

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