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These are our commercials – Take only as directed…

We’re not gonna change our ways – no way, no how! You might think that things are a little different these days at Bjorkstrand Metal roofing… Well, sure they are. But, reinvent ourselves?!?! Change what we’re all about?!? That ain’t our style! – and that ain’t gonna happen! Call us today and find out why we’re the best in the roofing biz!

This slide show video shows the incredible difference Stone-Coated Steel roofing makes to the curb appeal of the average home in Northwest Wisconsin. Our products are engineered to be installed directly over your existing roof eliminating the need to remove your old roof. Stone-coated Metal Roofing is exploding in popularity due to the poor quality of today’s asphalt shingles.

In Loving Memory of Chris Bjorkstrand.

How about a deal? This years roof for last years price! These guy’s are crazy that’s a good deal, no wonder their calendar is filling up. Good thing they have a secretary who answers the phones. A Wisconsin Roofer for Wisconsin roofing from Hayward to Eau Claire to La Crosse.

Old Man Winter has been dancing on your roof all season long but the guy on the left has about a 2″ vertical. Winter in WI is no problem if you install a Gerard metal roof. Teach Old Man Winter to dance like Fred Astaire with a new Gerard Canyon Shake roof. We make WI roofing look easy even in the winter and you get the best warranty to boot.

You do NOT have to remove your existing roof when we install your new metal roof. Some companies want to remove your existing roofing because they are using their asphalt crew to install your metal roof. Our Wisconsin roof installers are CERTIFIED by the manufacturer and they do not install asphalt at all. That’s why we install over 100 Wisconsin metal roofs a year. From Rice Lake to Hayward back to Eau Claire and over to

4 thoughts on “Commercials

  1. Excellent beat! I liked the concept of the Blue’s Brothers very funny. I’m glad you are a WI metal roof installer because you are at least three states away from us. Wisconsin winters have to be the pits. I do like your commercials though.

  2. I just love your commercials. Every time I hear your music I go to the Tv to see if it is a new one.You guy’s have been around for a long time so you must be good. I will be filling out the info for an estimate.
    Thanks for the smiles.

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