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If you search online for metal roofers near me, you will undoubtedly find a list of companies to choose from, but if you want the best, call Bjorkstrand. You can trust Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing to provide all the best services, including metal roof installation with optional upgrades like ice dam prevention and built-in gutters. We are the best metal roofers serving Cable, Chippewa Falls, Cumberland, Rice Lake, Hayward, Eau Claire, and Chippewa Falls, WI.

Our metal roofing contractors will help you choose the ideal roofing material and install your new metal roof and all the accessories to guarantee a beautiful, functional roof that will hold up against Wisconsin weather conditions.

As the metal roofers Hayward, WI, and surrounding areas rely on for top-quality roofing, we offer various roofing materials, heated roof systems, gutter protection, and more! Check out our superior products and services below.



If you want the beauty of a wood roof without the hassle of routine maintenance, we recommend varitile shakes made from high-quality steel with a protective coating. It is strong, lightweight, and resistant to weather. As the leading metal roofers in Cumberland, WI, residents seek the best roofing. We know quality when we see it. These shakes perfectly imitate traditional hand-split wood shakes, providing a more rustic, natural look for your property.


Shake Coal Black & Vista Brown Roof


Wooden Shakes Roof Colors

Heated Roof Systems

Heated roofs are the perfect solution to icing issues with your roof. These metal roofing solutions use patented technology, including a concealed snow melt mat we place under your roofing materials to stop ice dams from forming. These mats work well under synthetic slate, shake, and asphalt shingles in standing seam and pro-panel roofing to create a streamlined look for your roof. The heating mats use 3M self-adhesive caking to stay in place. Our metal roofing installation team will use a heat gun on a cold day to help it adhere well.

There are other heated roofs on the market. Still, these products use single or double-strand heat tape under the horizontal metal band. Extreme ice dam development requires a broader band. Our heated roofing creates a 14-inch melt band in each row. Because we place our mats under the roofing materials instead of externally mounting them with a metal-shrouded heat tape, you can expect better results.

Our clients love the continuous look of their roofs over the zig-zag appearance created by heat tape applications.

Our heat mats can be placed on flat roofs or under EPDM/TPO rubber membrane systems. Our metal roofers create heated pathways to rooftop equipment and ensure snow melt channels into roof drains effectively.

Common QuestionsHeated Roof Systems

Eliminate Ice Dams!

Gutter Roof

As the trusted metal roofers Hayward, WI and surrounding areas turn to for safe and high-quality roofs, we know that gutter protection is a must. We offer gutter protection that blends right in! Gutterroof is installed seamlessly with your new Bjorkstrand Metal Roof or under the edge of your existing roof.


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To learn more about our products and services, or to get a free estimate, give us a call today! Our metal roofers in Cumberland, WI look forward to working with you.